Assessments for the 3rd - 6th graders will be held Saturday, March 7th, 2020. They will take place indoors at the Spence Eccles Field House (650 South Guardsman Way)  - see below for more details.


DIVIDED BY LAST NAME NOT AGE... ALL remaining players who missed the assessment Saturday need to attend the make-up assessment no later than Monday. The assessment will last about 60 minutes. Players can wear cleats in the Spence Eccles Field House on Saturday, but not in the East HS Gym on Monday for the make-up. Bring their mitt, and wear baseball attire. Each player will be assessed in fielding, hitting, throwing, and catching in front of the coaches so the coaches can evaluate the players in preparation for the league draft.

All players (INCLUDING the coach’s son) MUST participate in the assessment process! Players that cannot attend their assigned session need to email to make special arrangements. Any player that does not attend an assessment session is not guaranteed a spot in the league and may be moved to a waiting list.

The Assessment Process is the best system we have found for ensuring teams are evenly balanced and that each team has a chance to beat any other team in the same division. We work hard to make the system beneficial to all.

  • A-C 4:00-5:00PM
  • D-J 5:00-6:00PM
  • K-R 6:00-7:00PM
  • S-Z 7:00-8:00PM


  • Players should bring a baseball mitt, clothes that are not restricting (so a player can run, bend, etc.), shoes they can run in (NO cleats for the gym floor), and a water bottle. Dress appropriately for the assessment. A player can also bring their own bat and helmet if they desire, but there is no guarantee they will be able to use them if the personal equipment is slowing down the try-out process. Also, please have a player use the restroom before coming to the assessment.
  • Every player will be placed on a team who shows up for the assessment.
  • Help your player prior to the assessment. Play catch with them, pitch to them and allow them to hit… even a wiffle ball in the backyard, anything. Improving a player’s comfort level on the field will translate to improved performance. Baseball is a game, go out and have fun playing it with your child.
  • Parents are encouraged to stay for the assessment. It is highly recommended, especially for younger children. There must be a way to contact the parent of a child in the event a need arrives. Bring a chair, meet other parents, enjoy the process.
  • Coaches - please bring something to write with and a clipboard if you have one, we will have some that you can borrow. We will have a print out of the players with a breakdown of areas to assess each player. Some coaches like to bring a camping chair, please keep in mind this assessment will last about one hour.

Players and Coaches MUST register by Feb. 28th by 11:59PM. Late player registrations can take place on the day of assessments in person with a late fee.